5 Reasons Dental Implants Are A Must

Dental implants might not be a major topic of discussion at parties and events, but they’re more important than you realize. These implants help people overcome not only confidence issues with their mouths, but they also help people with their dental health. Find out why you might want to consider dental implants if you’re missing teeth.

1. Dental Implants Add Confidence To Your Life

Life’s not easy without a certain level of confidence. If you don’t have all your teeth, you might not have the confidence to smile. When you don’t smile, people don’t find you as friendly or approachable. This might make it difficult for you to make friends or even go far in business if you deal with clients and/or customers regularly. Dental implants help you gain back your confidence so you can take on life with a vengeance.

2. Implants Stop Tooth Movement

When one tooth is missing, your other teeth eventually begin shifting to fill that empty space. This might not happen overnight, but over the years your teeth will move. This could result in a complete change to your smile, your bite, and it might cause other oral health issues along the way. An implant is designed to fill that spot and make it impossible for your other teeth to shift.

3. Implants Protect Your Jawbone

Did you know even one missing tooth can cause your jawbone in that area to begin breaking down? It beings to deteriorate as there is nothing there to keep it in line, and that causes a lot of problems in various areas of your life. One of the biggest issues lies in the change to your appearance. When the jawbone deteriorates, it causes your facial skin to sink it and appear skeletal. If you aren’t careful, you could end up with an uneven look to your face. With an implant, this doesn’t happen. The jawbone feels the implant is the same as a tooth, which means it’s going to preserve itself and not change your outward appearance.

4. They Look Natural

One of the biggest reasons people forgo dental implants is the fear they look unnatural. There was a time when dental work left patients with gold teeth, colored teeth, and teeth that looked very fake, but this not the same. The times have changed and modern technology makes it entirely possible for you to walk into the office for a new tooth and leave with what looks like a tooth you’ve had your entire life. They’re now created and personalized to look and fit your mouth perfectly so you never worry you have to look or feel any different. No one will ever know.

5. There’s No Recovery Period

Unlike more serious dental work, implants require little to no recovery. You might use a local anesthetic and need to take the day off work, but there isn’t a long period of time required for recovery. It’s not painful, the complications are minor, and there’s very little reason to worry your mouth will hurt for days. The ease with which implants are added and maintained is so simple anyone can do it.

Dental implants are necessary for anyone who is missing a tooth or even several teeth. Not only can they help improve your aesthetic appearance, they also help you improve your confidence. If you’re not sure whether you are a candidate for this type of dental work, talk to your dentist about how you could benefit from implants if you choose to.

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